Thursday, 30 June 2011

Eating Healthy On A Budget

Five Tips To Eating Healthy On A Budget

1)     Grow Your Own !
You can just grow your own fruit and vegetables in your very own back garden. Not only do you get the food free it also reduces travel cost however at the same time it is still healthy. You can grow a variety of different food in your garden and it is very cheap to grow.
TIP: Buy the cheapest seeds. They will end up producing the same yield anyway.

2)     Get Fruit and Vegetable In Bulk
Buy loads of fruits and vegetables in farming season as this will be the time when the cost of fruit and vegetables will be at its cheapest in supermarket. Leave extra foods in the freezer. You can eat frozen fruits and vegetables in winter when the prices of fruit and vegetables are high. When they are in season, buy fruits in quantity and freeze any extras.  You can buy several pounds this way, and freeze extras to have them when the fruit goes out of season. 
TIP: You should wash fruit thoroughly and always freeze them so that they last longer.

3)     Cut down on all the fatty junk food. NO MORE MCDONALD'S !!!!!
Try to reduce the amount of food you buy from fast food restaurants as it is high in fats. Also buy fewer sweets and try to control yourself
TIP: Try not to bring your children while shopping as children will definitely request junk food.

4)    Waste Less Food
Cook all those healthy foods out there however the best way to save money is by only cooking food which you need. Do not cook extra food as it will probably be thrown away.
TIP: Just don’t make too much food. Waste Not Want Not !!!

5)    Drink Milk/Water Instead Of Those Soft Drinks.
You can drink soft drinks once in a while however a daily basis is not acceptable. It is high in sugar and so a suitable replacement would just be plain water or even milk. Milk is high in calcium which helps develop strong bones.
TIP: Drink a cup of milk at least twice a day to get the best results.